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  • Monday, October 15, 2007

    I've moved to http://littlestoryofmylife.blogspot.com !
    It's a new chapter of my life...people..

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    More than 1 month ago,we celebrated grandma's birthday.
    She was still looking well and was overjoyed as we were all there for her.

    On the 17th Jan,she left us...


    Regrettably,she can't endure a bit longer to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.

    But I supposed she will be grateful that there was a last birthday spent with joy.
     Posted by Picasa

    Everything was done as simple thanks to my big uncle.

    This "thanks" is not genuine,I have to admit.

    After this unbearable depart of my grandma,I've come to realise that people can be very inhuman when things happened.

    For example,money concern.
    Because of money,people can argue and fight.
    Even for brothers and sisters.
    Money is an evil thing ya?!
    Have people lost their senses because of it?


    I've lost a uncle since that last day.


    I've never realised that he can be so realistic about so many things.
    I always think that certain things he did or said,was instructed by his fucking wife!
    (Sorry,call me disrespectful,I don't care ok)
    His wife is a damn woman!
    I hate her since I was a kid.
    I respect her in the past is because I respect my uncle.
    Certain things I have to keep quiet because I'm just a child to them.
    (Fuck! I don't care,I'm ready to teach her a lesson anytime.)

    Years gone by,eventually my only elderly in my mum's side has left us.
    And this let me see through lots of things and we have to accept the reality.

    Nobody is going to say sorry to us.

    Maybe God have to say sorry to us,for taking our grandma away.

    I'm grieved.

    We just have to let it go one by one each day.

    My grandma left,without anybody by her bedside,without leaving us any last words.
    She's gone just like that.

    I thank all those friends who showed concern and those who helped me alot. (which was my Dar,he's always by my side.)
    I'm indeed very grateful to all.

    So please treasure each and everyone around you,be it your family or your friends.
    Treat them well.
    Then you will not have regrets.
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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    After all those crazy drinking...we went to Oasis for supper!  Posted by Picasa

    The 2 sisters...
    Do they look alike?
     Posted by Picasa

    I really don't know what happen to my handphone...
    Someone help me!!
     Posted by Picasa

    Mr Seng was so red...
    He only drank 1 jug lor..
     Posted by Picasa

    Alvin and Leonard...
    They are so fun to be with...
    A funny bunch indeed...
     Posted by Picasa

    Daniel die die also don't want to take picture...  Posted by Picasa

    Fen, Me and Mr Seng...
    We had so much fun...
     Posted by Picasa

    Edwin and Shirley...
    Maybe they will become an item oh...
     Posted by Picasa

    Everybody enjoying their food...!  Posted by Picasa

    With Daniel...
    He is so cute and humourous!!!
    My god...
     Posted by Picasa

    The 2 Shirleys!  Posted by Picasa

    We bided good bye in our way...

    p/s: I miss dardar...
    Hope he was there with me yesterday!

    Below is a late post...
    I know I'm supposed to post it earlier de..
    Pai seh...
     Posted by Picasa

    I had spent my New Year 2007 in a very special way indeed! I have never spend a new year like this before...


    That's Bowling!!!
    We went bowling at Marina South Super Bowl...
    the most casual way of spending this special day together!
    A memorable one...
    Me and my cute Dardar!  Posted by Picasa

    Philip looking so serious..
    Come! Take a photo leh...
     Posted by Picasa

    The most loving couple I know...
    Aren't they sweet?
     Posted by Picasa

    My 2 new friends!
    Mr Kok and Mr Seng...
    They were Dar's and Philip's long time buddies..
    also their bowling kakis oh...
     Posted by Picasa

    We have set our new 2007 resolution together already!  Posted by Picasa

    Ready to go... ...
    3 vs 3...
     Posted by Picasa

    Fen got to carried away...
    A middle finger pointed on the last day of 2006!
    Steady la..
     Posted by Picasa

    Yup...That's a better one..
    The previous one was so obscene on a coming New Year,Fen!
     Posted by Picasa

    Look at the whole bowling centre.
    It was so crowded..
    They were having a family tournament like that...
    We still thought that on a holiday like New Year Day,come bowling is the less crowded place and a wiser decison to make.
    Because everyone will be at the countdown mah...
    In the end...
     Posted by Picasa

    Put 4 men together...
    My Dar still is the more child-like one..
     Posted by Picasa

    The amazingly beautiful fireworks just happened to be able to be seen outside.
    We felt so lucky to be able to view it for 8 long minutes...Yeah!
     Posted by Picasa

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